1. Programme outcomes
  2. Acquire knowledge on subjects in respective streams
  3. Develop rational and innovative thinking
  4. Find job opportunities in the relevant sectors like laboratories, aquaculture, horticulture, electric & electronic industries, software sector etc.
  5. Understand environment sustainability and sustainable development
  6. Inculcate research aptitude and independent thinking ability
  7. Get motivated to pursue higher studies and appear for competitive exams
  8. Equip with better communication and life skills
  9. Inspire students to reflect on the issue of social responsibility

B.Com (General)

  1.  Program me outcomes
  2. Development of entrepreneurial skills
  3. Enhancement of accounting knowledge
  4. Effective communication and leadership skills.
  5. Building research orientation.
  6. Making students environmental consciousness and promoting social responsibilities.
  7. Acquiring analytical and decision making skills.
  8. Grabbing job opportunities in commerce sector
  9. Encouraging self-reliance towards women.


  • Program Outcomes
  • Acquire knowledge in the fields of social sciences and humanities
  • Know the concept of society, its structure and problems
  • Acquaint with social, economic and political thinking pertaining to the world in general and India in particular
  • Empowers the graduates to appear for various competitive exams and choose the postgraduate programs  of their choice
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Promote citizenship and active community engagement
  • Acquire the ability to engage in independent lifelong learning in the broad context of socio-technological changes